A new approach to reaching underserved audiences

BBC We Are

BBC News pioneered a new approach to newsgathering by hosting 'pop up' newsrooms across the UK. The ambition of the project was to host a week of output from underserved locations across its national and regional outlets, podcasts, online platforms and on social media. I was asked to deliver branding for the project ranging from the master identity, right through to deliverables for TV, online and print.

With the ambition of attracting a younger audience, the brand needed to feel fresh and really stand out on digital platforms for maximum engagement. Early concepts were based on taking the initial letter from each location and exploring the letterform to create interesting patterns and designs, to reflect the range of untold stories held in one geographic location.

Once finalised, the branding was applied to various broadcast, printed and digital materials. Each location has it's own colour way with the pink being the uniformed element across the brand.

BBC We Are - Idents

A digital kit of parts was also created for each region, allowing journalists on the ground to brand their stories from the week of coverage with a distinctive and cohisive look and feel.

BBC We Are - Bradford TV Trail