Supercharging feel-good television

Do The Right Thing

Branding, titles and on screen graphics for Channel 5 hit consumer entertainment show, broadcast live from the Cochrane Theatre in Central London. The show hosted by Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes aims to stand up for the little guy and addresses a range of consumer issues.

The challenge of this brief was to incorporate patterns and textures from the already existing studio set made for the previous series. By creating a 3D world with revolving a square grid, this references the set design but also allows a space for a fresher feel on which the the logotype can exist, flying in and out between commercials.

Do The Right Thing - Opening Titles

Do The Right Thing - Coming Up into Break Sting

It was a real pleasure working with James on the refresh of 'Do The Right Thing'. I wanted the graphic elements to more closely align with the physical studio set - and James hit the mark. Adding a polish and sparkle to all the deliverables. I look forward to working with him again.

Stuart Earl, Series Director

The titles were designed to ramp up the energy into the programme. Deliverables also included coming up menu elements, wipes and transitions and marketing materials. As part of the process I worked closely with the series director to achieve the aspired look, along with Molecular Sound who provided the music and sound design for the show.