Engaging a new generation

BBC Newsnight Rebrand Pitch

Newsnight is a current affairs programme that provides in-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines. Broadcasting weeknights 10.30pm on BBC Two. The programme approached me to pitch a fresh new look which would retain the brand heritage whilst engaging a new generation.

The brief made clear the need to have a distinctive symbol that would work on air and across digital platforms. First on paper, I looked at various shapes and forms of 'N' across a range of typefaces. Before settling on a custom drawn shape.

The brief also outlined a vision to align with the core BBC Two channel branding. I conducted research and development into ideas based around the 'curve' of the 2 logo, along with various other experiments using geometry and physics utilising Cinema 4D and After Effects to bring them to life.

A route became a strong frontrunner that was based around light chasing the BBC Two curve. This then transforms into an ‘N’ symbol.

BBC Newsnight Rebrand - Animation Test

Careful consideration was applied to how the brand would look on digital platforms, ensuring it appeared clear, engaging and differentiated from competitors in busy social media feeds.

Further inspired by the typography seen on BBC Two’s OSP, I utilised the brand property of transforming on screen type from Reith Serif to Sans typeface to link back to the core channel brand.