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BBC Get In!

Engaging with fresh and emerging talent is at the forefront of BBC’s ‘Get In’ initiative. Recognising evolving trends and preferences of this demographic, we were tasked with adapting the Get In brand to align more closely with the identity and aspirations of today’s early career seekers.

In this redesign, the aim went beyond surface-level visuals, calling for a deeply invested approach into crafting a visual language able to communicate with the dynamic, diverse and expressive contemporary youth.

We sought to enhance the outdated Get In identity to one which respectively attempts to reflect all voices, positioning the BBC as ‘a choice within reach’ for early career opportunities.

The collaboration was initiated through delving into the insights provided by key stakeholders, understanding a notable desire to infuse an urban aesthetic into the design. Through comprehensive trend analysis, while consciously avoiding clichés, we crafted the foundational elements for the new 'Get In!' identity: a bespoke set of expressive artwork.

These texture became the centre-point of the rebrand, and formed the basis in which every template is built upon. It was paramount that our designs extended beyond just visual diversity, truly embodying the essence of acceptance, inclusivity and expression.

The next step was to develop the application of this identity, ensuring strong cohesion with the BBC brand whilst employing creative techniques to attract youth audiences. A strong, vibrant colour palette was curated, with a dominant Neon Lime taking centre-stage and adopting a familiar hue to the youth-oriented curator brands such as Three and Radio 6 Music, whilst capturing a similar energy to Sport. A subtle nod towards the core service colours was also incorporated to reflect the wide ranging pathways that career-seekers can take within the BBC.

The end result is an engaging and youthful new brand identity to reach fresh talent to encourage them in joining the BBC in a range of media and digital roles. The brand has been applied across platforms, online, social media and print materials.

BBC Get In - Hero Sting

Creative Director: James Mobbs
Designer: Callum Jackson