Connecting the gaming community across the UK

BBC Radio 1 - The Gaming Show

The Gaming Show is a monthly take on the world of gaming broadcast on BBC Radio 1's iPlayer. I was tasked with designing the master brand and kit of parts for the show. The brief referenced the need to connect to the whole UK. So I started experimenting with the concept that the UK as a gaming nation, and wanted to visualise that notion. One thing that connects all gamers together, is the controllers.

Familiar gaming iconography resonates and connects with the audience, with glitch and distortion effects adding a contemporary edge. Using Cinema 4D, I modelled the symbols within environments from each nation. The use of a neon treatment came from the idea that the gaming community comes alive at night with huge communities playing online each evening across the UK, and globally. The branding also has scope for international editions, with bespoke titles in locations for gaming events such as CES and E3.